Give up – Never !! C.J. Black

Give up – Never!!

Some days it’s a struggle to even write a line

Never knowing when you do get started – it’s like how long is a piece of twine

But carry on with what you started, never feel defeated

Get off your chair walk around – clear your head, go back and then be seated

Write about what’s in your head at this very minute

It may be very trivial – in fact it may be quite minute

At least you’re being constructive – look on the positive side

Imagine daytime and waves crashing on the rocks – it will have calmed there is no doubt when it comes to eventide.

Also take a look outside at the rain that’s pouring down

Write yourself a comical line – clear your face of that dowdy frown

Checking your word count NOW there’s 132

You started out with a blank page – success will come to you

Rid yourself of those negative thoughts

Think of winning the Lotto – imagine all those noughts

And what you could do with a million Euros, if you were to be so lucky

You could jet off anywhere, starting with Kentucky.

Money being no object you could chance a world wide cruise

But be careful of Las Vegas or the whole lot you might loose.

You could go on and on and on writing words at will

But quit now that you’re ahead – consider what you have achieved – tomorrow continue the drill.

C.J. Black

11th October 2012


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