Parking for profit!!! C.J. Black

Lying off on a park bench reading my Times and minding my own business I dozed off, on waking from my slumber to my amazement I was 60 euro the richer but still felt lighter, someone had placed a cap at my side, whether they started the trend of placing a note or coins I will never know but I thank them just the same even though I did not doze off to become the richer for it.

The graciousness of some can never be fully explained also the attitude/actions of others can also not be explained fully, those that give without giving it a thought must be thanked while the actions of those who pilfer must be condoned.

Allow me to explain, while I dozed my wallet was removed from my person hence the feeling lighter while the donations made me the richer, you see all my wallet contained was a crisp 20 euro note, so the pilferer did me and themselves a favour.

I gathered my thoughts and myself together and rose from my prone position stiff but feeling the better for my slumber, I pocketed my donations and made my way homewards – a short distance away from where I lay, I recovered my wallet full of emptiness but otherwise intact, had a light bulb moment but quickly switched it out – what was I thinking? Only that earning like this could become a habit hard to break.

C.J. Black
11th May 2013.
(Flash Fiction – Temptation)

2 thoughts on “Parking for profit!!! C.J. Black

  1. That got a couple of belly laughs here Chris, The scoundrel has a neat turn of phrase too, “full of emptiness” tickled my fancy. You’re a natural storyteller (Seanachaí?) with a wicked sense of humour and your ending is pure devilment. Very well done..


    1. Many thanks Mike, May I say at this stage of my life I’m quite used to people laughing at me!! I might also add that you are not bad at the Seanachai-ing yourself but as you well know the Master of that art will never be outclassed. look forward to getting back into the groove and catching up with what was happening while I was away, I must say how surprised I was to see I surpassed the 100 hundred followers while I was de-cluttering – perhaps that is an indication I should stay away for longer in the future??


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