Not Biographical – Just a Poem. C.J. Black.


I never thought of myself as a hard task master

If I had been maybe life would not have turned out to be this disaster

I always thought a perfect ten was way out of my reach

Then I get this flashing image of Nadia Comaneci

But is achieving this goal what life is really all about?

Some achieve this aim as all laws allegedly they flout

They will climb all over you to reach that top rung

Leave you floundering in their mountain of manmade dung

Some don the mantle of being holier than thou

They are not living in the real world – the here and now

They care not who they hurt while spitting snide remarks

These so called entrepreneurial oligarchs

No one dare question how they accumulate such wealth

It’s doubtful if we’d go the same way if the same deck we were dealt

But maybe that’s an unfair assumption to make on my part

Should I really have pity on them and not have such a cold heart?

Of course there are those whom have got rich by sheer hard graft

Who have spent all their working lives honing their own specific craft?

You will rarely hear these people openly blow their own Cole

Nor to the media will they ever bare their soul

They go about their business never appearing to act vain

Even if they are living in a place called Sandy Lane

Addresses do matter when presenting for a job

If your address is inner city anywhere, then on your C.V. that’s an automatic blob.

C.J. Black


Cream will always rise to the top. C.J. Black

Are you one of these people –?

Those who think outside the box

Who never tries to understand those who emerged from the school of hard knocks?

Or perhaps you are that person who always sees the glass half full

And always on the darkest day sees bright instead of dull

Glass half empty never was your way of approaching each new day

So you’re the boring person with always positive things to say

Always going around with a smile like a Cheshire cat

Knocking those with a glum look – treating them like a door mat

Appearing always to be so full of yourself

Handling all events like you were packing china delph

While us mere mortals get on with the task in hand

Getting our hands dirty tilling infertile land

Infertile land can be any job you undertake

Be it office worker, builder, cabinetmaker even those who bake a cake

The kind of jobs that some associate with being lower class

But we are I guess more at ease with ourselves – unknown to them we’re having a gas

Getting on with our day to day chores

It’s not us that are the world’s greatest bores

The ideal job – The one that you treat as a hobby

Check out that giant character the one called Mr. Blobby

Remember it’s never too late to reinvent yourself

Do it now or be left on the shelf.

C.J. Black



Long Days Journey. C.J. Black

Hello tomorrow – Hope you turn out to be a better day

For the day before you I must say – was dark and dull it must be stressed-

So uninspiring I never even got dressed

Stayed in the PJ’s all day long

Lazed about on the chaise lounge

Not a day to be inspired

Just no energy, feeling tired

Breakfasted, then had lunch

Dinner later, then had a bedtime crunch –

Chocolate of course washed down by strong coffee

Crashed out with a book – then some late night T.V.

Lay in bed twist and turn

Its way after midnight still lots of energy to burn

Try so hard to get some sleep

Over tired out of bed I leap

Watch the clock creep from hour to hour

Consider bath but have a quick shower

Eventually at 4am it’s really time to hit the hay

Hello tomorrow – Be a better day.

C.J. Black




Two things to remember always. C.J. Black

I don’t know about you but I do not do negativity – what is the point?

What can be solved by addressing a problem with a negative attitude?

I did do negative in my younger days but all it did was make a dark hole even darker.

So I sat myself down one day and had a really serious chat with my other self. It took a while to come to terms with what was to become the new ME.

I was never going to change the world but that didn’t bother me all I was about was changing my world.

The day after the night before saw me mentally take negativity out and bury it so far down that dark hole that was the day I saw the light in my head anyway.

That light has never gone out – ok you would have to talk to others and get their opinion on how I operate.

But in my head that light continues to burn brightly.

Consider life as a three way highway, I moved from the slow lane to the middle lane and for a time the fast lane.

I found my measure in the middle lane where I felt liberated – There is no point beating yourself up about something you have no control over – talk, talk, talk to someone is your only answer. Do not carry toxic feelings with you.

Focus on where you want to be, that door will open.

Teach yourself to be comfortable in your own skin.

Be aware at all times of your surroundings.

Remember glass always half full.

Go positively in search of success.

There is nobody going to come knocking on your door with the fatted calf.

Make just one New Years resolution – let go of those negative thoughts.

Let positive thoughts radiate within.


Two things to remember –

(1) The light at the end of the tunnel is the train to success coming down the line do not let it pass you by.

(2) Also remember that nothing sucks seeds like a gummy budgie!!!!!!!!


C.J. Black

24th December 2012.



Something about Nothing. C.J. Black

Something in my subconscious told me I should write something about nothing.

Nothing is something we all possess from those who are multi-rich to the rat in the sewer.

Some of us with nothing stand out in the crowd like a sore thumb.

Those with plenty will never show, outwardly at any rate that they suffer from the having nothing syndrome.

People with little or nothing probably give more to those who have nothing than those of immense wealth, they are probably afraid to give for fear of ending up with nothing.

I’ve heard it said about a blank page – there’s nothing to see but, hey look I’ve written a whole lot of nothing just to fill that space.

So take a second look now at the blank page and see what nothing really looks like!

Nothing will amaze me now I’ve completed this piece, so never let it be said there’s nothing to do, nothing to say and nothing to write about because when confronted with it there’s NOTHING like a challenge.

C.J. Black

24th December 2012





Ever read gobbeltygook before?

I worked with this guy at one time who told me after I’d arrived back off holidays that he had never been anywhere, which I thought quite absurd but I didn’t tell him that suffice to say.

But tell me honestly; how anyone could make such a statement I mean even if you went from the bedroom to the bathroom you were after being somewhere so how could you state that “I’ve never been anywhere”

Anywhere is a state of mind, if I travel from my home to the nearest town – approximately 12 miles I’ve been somewhere so I can’t with hand on heart say I in any given week that I haven’t been anywhere – agreed?

Perhaps you have other ideas if so do let me know I’d welcome them from anywhere in the world.

On receipt I can then announce that anywhere really does exist. This will go a long way to proving my point that nobody can ever say truthfully that they have never been anywhere ever again.

So next time someone asks you where do you wish to go on holidays just say surprise me, I’ll go anywhere once it’s with you.

You might even send me a postcard as I am contemplating going anywhere for a break after the festivities.

C.J. Black

21st December 2012


RED SNOW. C.J. Black

What would happen if we had red snow?

Would the countryside brightly glow?

We could have red snowball fights

They would glow like red florescent lights,

But what would happen when darkness fell

To be out in red snow would be sheer hell,

The little robin would get such a fright

He’d have to change his breast from red to white,

The berries on the holly tree

Would have to change quite drastically,

What would happen if we had red snow?

Rudolph’s nose would no longer glow,

Father Christmas could no longer dress in

His long red flowing robe

What a headache that would be for he’s so

Well known around the globe.

What would happen if we had red snow?

Would pantomime have to go?

Sure Snow Red and the Seven Dwarfs

Wouldn’t be the same kind of show

Those are some things that might happen

If we had red snow.

C.J. Black

FIRST PUBLISHED 1999 by Poetry Today

ISBN 1 86226 586 0


Next stop oblivion? C.J. Black.

Everything I start to write never has a middle or an end until I get to them, so how do I know how long or short a piece is going to be or when I’ve reached the middle – I will quickly find the middle once I’ve reached the end and I will definitely know when the end is neigh as I will have nothing left to say.

This topic really intrigues me but then I think of the strangest topics on which to write as you are aware – those of you who thankfully have taken the time to drop by and follow and to those who may drop in while browsing or as I say grazing, thank you it would be a lonely and strange place otherwise also it makes an old man feel – well, old I guess but satisfied, after all old is just a state of mind just as age is a number which should be dwelt on for no longer than a nanosecond how ever long that is probably as long as a piece of string!

So you see how you can get side tracked when you start to write and go off on a tangent, I once Googled tangent and guess what I came up with, that’s right total confusion – why did I want to Google tangent you might well ask – I wanted to see if perhaps I could rent a tangent as so many people I’ve talked to regularly say there’s so and so you couldn’t hold a full conversation with them as they always seen to go off on a tangent.

Maybe some day someone will offer me a lift on their tangent and we can both go to oblivion.

Oblivion the condition or quality of being completely forgotten; “He knows that everything he writes is consigned to posterity (oblivion’s other, seemingly more benign, face)” (Joyce Carol Oates).

There is no more to say you will be glad to know now that I have reached the end, except of course to remind you that if you print off this piece and fold it exact there you will find the middle.

C.J. Black.

20th December 2012.

A sort of seasonal poem!! C.J. Black

Here I am again another score to settle

With a blank page

May take me just a moment

Or may take me an indefinite age

But now that the juices are flowing

Let us see where we end up

Write something specific

Not sell us the proverbial “pup”

None of the usual drivel

That you regularly churn out

Write something specific

Something with a bit of clout

That’s the cry I hear from somewhere within my head

So I’ll do my best before I finally put this poem to bed.

As Christmas time is on the way

Is it a time where you kneel and pray?

Or is it the time of year for you

To “squander” monies on all things new

Or perhaps you enjoy having family around

Where fun and joviality abound

Or are you the type who wish that you

Could sleep through the festivities and awake to a year that’s new?

Christmas time for some can be a lonely place

Where no one visits while you huddle in a hidden space!

It’s the time of year for some that is quite unstable

When you set the places and there’s someone missing from around the table

Maybe they have moved on to work in pastures new

Or perhaps they have passed on to somewhere in the blue

Yonder, they may be both, the living and the dead

But they are with us at this time that’s something that’s taken as read.

So there, have I succeeded in constructing a serious piece?

The answer is with you my friend, should I continue or should I cease?

C.J. Black