A sort of seasonal poem!! C.J. Black

Here I am again another score to settle

With a blank page

May take me just a moment

Or may take me an indefinite age

But now that the juices are flowing

Let us see where we end up

Write something specific

Not sell us the proverbial “pup”

None of the usual drivel

That you regularly churn out

Write something specific

Something with a bit of clout

That’s the cry I hear from somewhere within my head

So I’ll do my best before I finally put this poem to bed.

As Christmas time is on the way

Is it a time where you kneel and pray?

Or is it the time of year for you

To “squander” monies on all things new

Or perhaps you enjoy having family around

Where fun and joviality abound

Or are you the type who wish that you

Could sleep through the festivities and awake to a year that’s new?

Christmas time for some can be a lonely place

Where no one visits while you huddle in a hidden space!

It’s the time of year for some that is quite unstable

When you set the places and there’s someone missing from around the table

Maybe they have moved on to work in pastures new

Or perhaps they have passed on to somewhere in the blue

Yonder, they may be both, the living and the dead

But they are with us at this time that’s something that’s taken as read.

So there, have I succeeded in constructing a serious piece?

The answer is with you my friend, should I continue or should I cease?

C.J. Black





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