Ever read gobbeltygook before?

I worked with this guy at one time who told me after I’d arrived back off holidays that he had never been anywhere, which I thought quite absurd but I didn’t tell him that suffice to say.

But tell me honestly; how anyone could make such a statement I mean even if you went from the bedroom to the bathroom you were after being somewhere so how could you state that “I’ve never been anywhere”

Anywhere is a state of mind, if I travel from my home to the nearest town – approximately 12 miles I’ve been somewhere so I can’t with hand on heart say I in any given week that I haven’t been anywhere – agreed?

Perhaps you have other ideas if so do let me know I’d welcome them from anywhere in the world.

On receipt I can then announce that anywhere really does exist. This will go a long way to proving my point that nobody can ever say truthfully that they have never been anywhere ever again.

So next time someone asks you where do you wish to go on holidays just say surprise me, I’ll go anywhere once it’s with you.

You might even send me a postcard as I am contemplating going anywhere for a break after the festivities.

C.J. Black

21st December 2012



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