Something about Nothing. C.J. Black

Something in my subconscious told me I should write something about nothing.

Nothing is something we all possess from those who are multi-rich to the rat in the sewer.

Some of us with nothing stand out in the crowd like a sore thumb.

Those with plenty will never show, outwardly at any rate that they suffer from the having nothing syndrome.

People with little or nothing probably give more to those who have nothing than those of immense wealth, they are probably afraid to give for fear of ending up with nothing.

I’ve heard it said about a blank page – there’s nothing to see but, hey look I’ve written a whole lot of nothing just to fill that space.

So take a second look now at the blank page and see what nothing really looks like!

Nothing will amaze me now I’ve completed this piece, so never let it be said there’s nothing to do, nothing to say and nothing to write about because when confronted with it there’s NOTHING like a challenge.

C.J. Black

24th December 2012






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