Cream will always rise to the top. C.J. Black

Are you one of these people –?

Those who think outside the box

Who never tries to understand those who emerged from the school of hard knocks?

Or perhaps you are that person who always sees the glass half full

And always on the darkest day sees bright instead of dull

Glass half empty never was your way of approaching each new day

So you’re the boring person with always positive things to say

Always going around with a smile like a Cheshire cat

Knocking those with a glum look – treating them like a door mat

Appearing always to be so full of yourself

Handling all events like you were packing china delph

While us mere mortals get on with the task in hand

Getting our hands dirty tilling infertile land

Infertile land can be any job you undertake

Be it office worker, builder, cabinetmaker even those who bake a cake

The kind of jobs that some associate with being lower class

But we are I guess more at ease with ourselves – unknown to them we’re having a gas

Getting on with our day to day chores

It’s not us that are the world’s greatest bores

The ideal job – The one that you treat as a hobby

Check out that giant character the one called Mr. Blobby

Remember it’s never too late to reinvent yourself

Do it now or be left on the shelf.

C.J. Black




One thought on “Cream will always rise to the top. C.J. Black

  1. Hi there. It’s beginning to be embarrassing. I have been nominated for another award, The Inspiring Blogger Award, Especially embarrassing because I already have one. Anyway, I love your poetry so I am nominating you. Congratulations. It will be on my post tomorrow. I’ll add a link to a piece I wrote before, that outlines the ‘rules’. All the best for 2013! Happy New Year.


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