Turning the tables. C. J. Black.

Let us talk about the elephant in the room

The always harbinger of utter doom and gloom

We all look at one another and wonder – who can it be?

Then the finger of suspicion points directly at me

Me I question – am I not always upbeat?

Am I not the one who is always turned out neat?

While the rest of you turn up in your work attire

Who do you think you are going to inspire?

Turning up in such a shabby state

Believe me when I say berate, berate, berate

I believe we should follow a proper code of dress

If we have new members – do you not think this would impress?

The facilities are here so you can shower and change

If you don’t feel so inclined perhaps we can re-arrange

And organise a time and day where we can meet and chew the cud

If you can’t agree to this recommendation then perhaps we should

Have a show of hands before we leave this room

On whether to continue if we should burst or boom

I am tired of the unsightly mess that faces me each week

If you all plan to continue in this vain then the outlook is rather bleak

So here’s the proposition I’m putting to the floor

And we will have a definite answer trust me before

This meeting is brought to its ultimate conclusion

And a decision will be made so you are under no illusion

That it’s all of you and not me who are the elephant in the room

Think twice in future before pointing the finger – for nothing sweeps cleaner than a new broom.

C.J. Black

Could I be Freshly Pressed?? C. J. Black

Dress suit and cravat

Guess what I’m practising at?

Fancy that I’m sitting here about to write on my demise

Wondering will there be a place up there above the cloudy skies

If I am so lucky and turn up outside the pearly gates

Who knows what exciting things for me inside awaits

It strikes me though as mighty odd

That no one has come back to report once laid beneath the sod

I’ve had this chat with myself on numerous occasions

What to do when the train of life finally runs out of train stations

Would I prefer to be buried beneath six feet of clay?

Or better still be cremated – (my choice) – than be left to rot and decay

It’s a subject (eulogy) I hadn’t thought to write about

Wonderful – I hear, that echo loud and clear of that there is no doubt

But this Daily Post prompted the unleashing of this thought

So here we are now at this juncture so I feel I ought –

Address the issue without fear –

 Tomorrow could be too late – why?

I just may well not be here

So the next step that I must take

Is, write this piece, make no mistake

Or it will be written as my epitaph

He couldn’t even do that right without making a total GAFF.

C.J. Black

25th January 2013

Eureka. C.J. Black

I sat down this morning with a different perspective on what I’m about to write

Opened my lap top and guess what – too my sheer delight

I was informed that yesterday was my best day so far

Great news echoed my family always knew you’d be a “star”

Forgive me for cheating – well just a little I’ll put you right in time

A little white lie assists greatly when stuck for a word to rhyme!

To say that I was overwhelmed is the understatement of the year

Indeed I could tell another white lie and say I shed a tear

But you’ve heard it said grown men don’t cry

But that’s a myth and not a lie

So thank you all who “liked” and those who paid a “visit”

A big Man hug from me to you – “Ah shucks sure your all exquisite”

With so many people out there oozing talent from every pore

It humbles me – the responses, and urges me to scribble more

As I don my parachute and prepare to jump off of cloud nine

I must put all this in perspective and accept it graciously, when, I go into decline.

C.J. Black

23rd January 2013