Am I Quackers? C.J. Black

What is really meant by the expression – like water off a ducks back?

Or no, not that way you’re on the wrong track

Did you pick your nose when you were young?

This question was once asked of me

My reply to the questioner was, I was born with it don’t you see

I remember when I was young I was often told

Do what your bid don’t be so bold

But at a young age you still not have been educated

In the elements of right and wrong

Or have this explained to you – I’d sell you for a song

I so often heard the expression – keep your mouth shut when you’re chewing your food

Tell that dog to shut up barking

Neither of these expressions makes any sense to me

Nor this one – as far as the eye can see

What is this expression supposed to define?

Hurry up and take your time

Or don’t be there until your back

Hand me that wooden spoon till I give you a caning

Wouldn’t be tolerated by today’s youngsters

Don’t be scared of the dark – go to sleep now or the boogie man will get you

Too much sugar will rot your teeth –

If you’re good and finish your food you can have a sugary sweet

You ask your parents who are on there way out how long will you be?

Answer – how long is a piece of string

Is it any wonder children look at adults in total confusion?

Speaking of confusion – Here am I still searching for the” straw that broke the camels back” & that often searched for “needle in a hay stack”.

C.J Black.




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