Light at the end of a rainbow. C.J. Black

Hello tomorrow – Hope you turn out to be a better day

For the day before you I must say – was dark and dull it must be stressed-

So uninspiring I never even got dressed

Stayed in the PJ’s all day long

Lazed about on the chaise lounge

Not a day to be inspired

Just no energy, feeling tired

Breakfasted, then had lunch

Dinner later, then had a bedtime crunch –

Chocolate of course washed down by strong coffee

Crashed out with a book – then some late night T.V.

Lay in bed twist and turn

Its way after midnight still lots of energy to burn

Try so hard to get some sleep

Over tired out of bed I leap

Watch the clock creep from hour to hour

Consider bath but have a quick shower

Eventually at 4am it’s really time to hit the hay

Hello tomorrow – Be a better day.

C.J. Black




4 thoughts on “Light at the end of a rainbow. C.J. Black

  1. I have had my fair share of nights like this. I know exactly how you are feeling. Hope you’ve managed to get some sleep.

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