Memories. C.J. Black.

I guess we all have favourite memories stored away in that attic we carry around on our shoulders.

Some bitter, some sweet, some tarnished, some tainted, some sad, some we would love to forget but are too painful that they will simply not go away.

How is it with most people I talk with have to think for a time on happy memory thoughts while the more painful the memory is the quicker it will jump out at you?

Music – now there’s something which evokes all sorts of memories – Bet you have a favourite piece you would care to share?

One of my favourite music memories goes back to the early 1970’s Gilbert O’Sullivan played in Dublin (Ireland) as opposed to Dublin elsewhere, perhaps he played there also?

I was early dating the Lady who in later years became my wife. Any radio play of Gilbert O’Sullivan even after all those years brings back happy memories.

Also concerts featuring Kenny Rogers, The Highway Men, as a group and as individual performers, The Dubliners in their early days, the late great Joe Dolan (worth a Google) if you are not familiar with his music, Dolly Parton, Don Williams, Buck Owens and so on and so on – Oh I must not forget George Jones/Tammy Wynette and the person whom I would most liked to have seen in person Merle Haggard, then there was an interview I had with Tom T. Hall way back in the dark ages (the tape got devoured in a machine while running it on a radio show I was presenting) that taught me a solitary lesson!!

It is only when you start to reminisce that you open the flood gates.

Then there is the memory of smell –

Have you ever visited a house – they have just placed turf on an open fire –?

Suddenly if you are of my vintage you are transported back in time to when you were young and oh so innocent – sitting around an open fire enthralled by storytellers telling ghostly stories and then you having to creep up a narrow stairs with lighted candle which had to be snuffed out before you slipped in between cold sheets and disappeared under the covers covering your ears to the howling wind and the tree branch tipping against the slightly open window.

Honestly one could write reams and reams on such memories but I am certain sure there are much more entertaining/interesting stories out there in the land known as WordPress, so I will quit now and look forward to catching up on what excites or not as the case may be your memory bank when you have the time to ponder memories that is.

Perhaps together we could corral enough memories to publish our own book – now there’s a thought!!   

C.J. Black

10th January 2013


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