Flabbergasted!! C.J. Black

Sitting here in my humble chair

Trying to choose words with delicate care

Wondering how I can thank all those

Who are dropping by when I expose

My inner thoughts onto a blank page

When I take the time my mind to engage

And then place words one after the other

Before hitting publish, I give a shudder

Hoping that I don’t offend

As these words I try to blend

I guess like all who regularly write

We sit in trepidation and a little fright

Wondering where the next post is going to be read

Breathe a sigh of relief once we put it to bed

Some I guess visit their post several times

In order that, if it’s a poem that it rhymes

Or perhaps it’s a piece of flash fiction

One is very careful of their diction

If it is a piece on daily happenings, then I guess

It takes lots of thought before going to press

I never thought when I took this plunge into the blogosphere

That I would end up with so many friends who visit from far and near

I am rambling now I know and not making a whole lot of sense

But that’s me when writing in the present tense

Rambling on and on and on while figuring what next to say

I’m putting this out there now pressing publish without delay

It’s a long winded way of thanking all who visit this page

Irrespective of your age

I’ve learned so much from going viral

My confidence continues to spiral

That’s it now this piece is penned

Out of page space = the end.


Feel free to comment/criticise

As we all learn from the wor(l)dly & wise.



C.J. Black

22nd January 2013


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