No spelchek. C. J. Black.

dear sur, madman,

i am ritin dis slow so u can undrstand

im riteing 2 u about d IT job u are luking 4 some1 4 hope i hav a chance

i worked in compewters 4 4 years be4 being saked wel i wasnt realy saked just that i cant spel redundent u c d peeple i was working 4 deliverin compewters  got a curier 2 do me job

so dat was me gon

u are lukin 4 peeple dat can work wit udders in ur IT team wel i worked on d bins n luved IT n i got on great wit peeple as wel like when we colected bins at skules IT was great when d kids talked wit me tru d bars of d gates i cud tel dem al about d diferent bins i colected i also waved n talked 2 peeple who we pased when goin along d road so dat provs dat i am a team playr

i hav cent leters 4 loads of jobs on my compewter n got askd 4 intervew i wud be given forms 2 fil out when i got dere den dey wud cal me in ask me me name n why i wantd d job den dey wud shake my hand n tel me dey wud get bak 2 me but i nevr got any of d jobs i don’t no why but IT wud b great 2 get a job wurkin in compewters again

me compewter is brokn i was told it had a virus it shud b betr soon so i hope u can read me hand ritin

tanks 4 readin me leter n i hope 2 hear from u soon

C. J. Black

2nd  February 2013


8 thoughts on “No spelchek. C. J. Black.

      1. Sorry for delay in replying shut down following my rugby reply (which Ireland won) had a weekend free of the tech “stuff” so have a lot of reading to catch up on might even post something later, hope your weekend was eventful in the proper sense of the word.


      2. No worries. Congratulations on the rugby match. It is good to get away from tech stuff. I think we all spend too much time in front of the computer.


      1. I am jealous of your willpower – I couldn’t do a tech-free weekend, the withdrawal would kill me.

        Your ‘scrambled head’ is in good company here on wp. We are all of us a little scrambled – writing out our souls on these screens, hoping that the comment-shaped pixels come from real people and not NPCs. 🙂


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