Blame the alphabet! C. J. Black

This writing lark is not all it’s cracked up to be

I know that’s a sweeping statement or perhaps serendipity

There are occasions it must be stated

That what I write may be berated

It’s something that should be expected

Not, turn a deaf ear on or be neglected

You put yourself out there to be read

So take it on the chin what ever is said

I can only speak for myself in relation to what I write

I accept a lot of it is what could be referred to as trite.

Whether I ever write another line

Will depend entirely on if I find words to rhyme

To hold the readers attention is a writer’s main aim

It’s not something honestly to which I can lay such claim.

To say that I am taken aback by the response of you the reader

Is in fact total truth, akin to a glass or two of philtre?

You see when one sits down to compose

Not even they know what they are about to expose.

I must admit I do admire the talent of other authors

Oh to have that courage to bring the proverbial lamb to the slaughterers.

It is a fact that writing is a visual art

Which to make it work two or more must take part

For without the reader it must be stated this would be a lost cause

So now that this “poem” is “complete” If you’ve got this far – be generous to yourself and give yourself a round of applause.

P. S.

Liberties were put out there so they could be taken

I’ve nearly used them all up here if I’m not mistaken.

C. J. Black

11th February 2013.






8 thoughts on “Blame the alphabet! C. J. Black

  1. Yes, liberties were taken, but no one was hurt. =) But is writing a visual art? Those who can’t see can still experience the written word.


    1. I guess I meant visual in the global sense as I read for the visually impaired. In relation to liberties I could put The P. S. after most of my scribbling (agreed) and you can agree I wont feel “hurt”
      Continue to enjoy your posts.


  2. The powerful rhyming couplet is very well executed here. The phrasing smacks of satire in places and I figured out all by myself that this is your intent! Good work; I enjoyed it and your wit. Well done.


    1. Well thank you Mike for the drop in & comment my life if overflowing wit wit (sic) I think, I started laughing at myself years ago so as not to feel isolated.
      Feel free to continue to commrnt. Might even catch up on your posts.


      1. I always know where I’m starting from. But I’m not always sure where I’ll end up; or how I’ll get there. That’s what makes it fun.


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