Master Chef – That’s Me!!! C. J. Black

This morning I went out and plucked this poem from the poem tree.

What a great invention was the masterful tin opener

What I mean by this is, I never more will hunger

Monday, I can have beans on toast

Tuesday, it will be peas with roast

While on Wednesday I’ll surprise myself

I’ll pluck some carrots from the shelf

Thursday, and this no lie

For dinner I’ll have steak and kidney pie

Friday is always a tricky day

Why is that I hear you say

As it’s getting close to the weekend

And I have a little more to spend

I’ll have a lunch – sandwich with ham on

For dinner – salad with a tin of salmon

Saturdays are dodgy; we usually go down to the pub

Probably have a bet or two and then partake of pub grub

I guess a man’s entitled to one day off from cooking up a storm

For Sunday, yes you’ve guessed it, its right back to the norm

And just so as it didn’t feel alone on the kitchen top

I bought a dual purpose bottle opener so a cork I’m going to pop

And then raise a glass or bottle to these two wonderful inventions

I’ll then have a night in by the fire; I’m a master at good intentions.

C. J. Black

13th February 2013.


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