Betrayal! C. J. Black

Got prodded by the thorn of a prickly rose

Getting down on one knee produced the ring

The rejection, tears to a stone did bring

If I was bitchy enough I suppose

I’d say its tentacles were bred to expose.

The hurt I felt and how my heart did sting

When I heard the reason for rejection – she was having an on the side fling

Everyone but me knew but would not disclose.

How I felt or what I cared, to this day no one knows.

She called next day to apologise, I totally rejected her peace offering

Slamming the door in her face, leaving her with the proverbial bloody nose!

What a fool, but this I propose

To relate this story – It’s worth remembering

That a bird never flew on just one wing.

C. J. Black

14th February 2013.


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