Plucked another from the poem tree! C. J. Black.

How about a rhyming couplet to start us off I said

The quicker we get one the quicker we can put this poem to bed

So who is going to be the brave one and give a kick start?

Thank you – yes you with the jumper cheers for taking part

So what have you got in mind as to where this poem should go

No hesitating please, I beg you not so slow

Start us off with whatever thought is in your head

We’ll be the judge of what goes down, this it must be said

As this poem when complete will be for a children’s class

Understand that the finished piece must be anything but crass

Think along the lines of a Humpty Dumpty rhyme

It can be done adults, believe me, just give it time

Cleanliness is next to Godliness so the saying goes

Always remember to be open minded some like rhyming, some prefer prose

So it is quite simple once you know which direction you wish to take

And no one but you will ever know how many mistakes you make

When writing a poem and getting words to blend

Look you’ve succeeded this is it – the end.

C. J. Black

17th February 2013


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