Walking a tight rope!! C. J. Black

Life is like a circus full of chaos, full of madness

There are highs and lows it ebbs and flows through joyfulness and sadness

Will the cock crow three times will the mocking bird sing?

One never knows what the new dawn will bring.

For many night time can be never ending, as they lie awake pretending

Tomorrow will bring change; God is good, on You we are depending

God for us can take many forms of that there’s little doubt

It helps when we have no one else near by that might have a little clout

Someone to point us in the right direction as down the road of life we stumble

We are always bound to meet someone worse off, tell ourselves we must not grumble.

Yes life is like a circus full of clowns in pinstripe suits

Always there to slam that door while they continue in cahoots –

With those “power houses” sitting there conceiving another “evil” plan

To screw those on the lower rung woman, child and man

They tell us belts must be tightened – mine has reached the last hole

It’s not us but them that are the gambler we can’t afford another roll

It’s easy when you’re sitting there up in your ivory tower

Politicians, bankers, revenue collectors and the many more who wield power

How do you sleep at night knowing the grief you cause?

By appearing to us “underlings” to willy nilly bring in laws

Just to satisfy other fat cats who some where else are pulling strings

Who really don’t give a toss whether the cock crows as they further tighten our purse strings?

Realise this, those of you who live to aspire to power

That we “underlings” are no pushovers we can decide your final hour

So “underlings” of the world unite

Show them we are up for any fight

We can show them what is what

They never said a truer word when they said – there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

C. J. Black

20th February 2013.


13 thoughts on “Walking a tight rope!! C. J. Black

  1. You write well. One question, are you confining yourself by the “poetry structure” you use? What I mean is, you write great dialogue why not just do some regular posts but keep the same visual ideas that you use. Might be interesting to see what you write.


    1. Thank you again. Must put your suggestions into the suggestion box for future consideration. Prolific, possibly should be left to yourself and the other wordsmiths out there in the blogosphere?


  2. I wish we would decide. Problem is, we just sit there and do nothing. How there isn’t a civil war going on in the US right now, I do not know.


  3. I don’t know. I would take great pleasure in skewering some of those Republicans, let me tell you. Along with all members of the Parti Quebecois.


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