Writer’s cramp! C. J. Black

Have you ever tried to write, a poem against your will?

I can’t remember if I ever did, but tonight I think I will

Some people it must be said can write at the drop of a hat

On a specific subject or perhaps on this or that

There are those who are prolific in the art of writing prose

While others, when given time can rattle off a poem in rhyme

While a journalistic piece is an art form which should never cease

Those who write flash fiction will tell you it’s an addiction

Those who write biographies will I believe never be short of juicy stories

Journalists who report and write on war unfortunately never have to travel far

Then you have the composer keen on writing a musical piece

Harking back to the year of dot this practice will never cease

I’ve tried on a number of occasions an attempt to write a song

The truth I tell is that inevitably it always turns out wrong

The art of writing I would hope no one should to destroy

Nor should the art of keyboard fingering be allowed to die

I once knew a stenographer who enjoyed each day in court

But I must admit I never have met a male or female escort

So now you see any one can write anything you wish

Pick a subject make some notes – end up with a tasty dish

Now I’ve finished what I started out to do – wrote a poem against my will

Time to head for a darkened room after swallowing my chill pill!

C. J. Black

23rd February 2013.




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