What Is War? C. J. Black.

War is all about different sides who can’t agree

Whether it’s about politics or religion they’ll fight on land or sea,

The warlords do not give a damn about the blood they spill

They send their troops to infiltrate take no heed of who they kill,

It seems that they are only concerned about the glory and the power

It begs the question do they think about their fighter’s final hour,

They’ll order that mass graves be dug the innocent to bury

They’ll also continue to order death it’s doubtful if they worry,

Do they ever think about the trauma that they cause to friend and foe alike

As long as each missile fired hits the target with each strike,

Will there come a time across the land

When all who want peace take a stand,

And tell the leaders of each nation

It’s time for peace – call a cessation,

Let future generations not know war

Is there a sign of this happening – not so far?

C.J Black

First published – in 1999 by Poetry Today, ISBN 1 86226 533 X

Available from the British Library.


Six in the mix. C. J. Black.

My lap top failed me

I’m told it was a virus

My nerves are shattered.


Some things to me are taboo

Really I don’t know what to do

I can’t kick up a fuss

When I hear a cuss

Because I occasionally turn the air blue


Look more facial hair

It’s a full moon night tonight

I’m just eight years old.


There once was a man from Tibet

Who took his sick dog to the vet

The vet took one look

Said he sure does look shook

Put him down or he’ll have you in debt


I’m glad I found you said he to she

After all these years this has to be

Fate, I tell you works in mysterious ways

Let us get together without any delays.


Good goods come in small packages

I’ve been waiting here for ages

Signing on the dotted line

This little box is now all mine

He loves me he loves me not



C. J. Black

28th March 2013




Gabriels Horn. C. J. Black.

I’m writing this because; I have nothing else to do

But what I’m going to write about I do not have a clue

It seems I am totally drained of ideas to write about

Anybody out there with a hint – please give me a shout

It’s a good job you can’t see me on my hands and knees

What am I doing down here? I haven’t got a breeze

Looking for inspiration maybe, but down here it won’t be found

So I’m off to visit the word grave yard and tread on hallowed ground

The word grave yard is a scary place to go if you wish to be inspired

It’s where “dead” poets go when their minds are feeling tired

You’ll know them when you see them – muttering to themselves

Trying to cobble a poem together like busy little elves

They may nod at one another as they casually pass by

Unwilling to discuss their thoughts in case their ideas go awry

Suddenly you feel resurrected – a new lease of life you feel

You find yourself a subject on which to write – you’re on an even keel

What started out as a negative is now right back on track

You’ve succeeded in writing another poem you’ve got your Mojo back.

C. J. Black

27th March 2013.



Thanks for the continued support.

From C. J. Black.

At 09:51 on the 27th March 2013, I have had 1006 views and 62 followers many thanks to all for hanging in there as I have said before it would be a lonely place without without friends who follow.

I really look forward to catching up when time allows on the posts of others and answering your comments, long may you continue to post.


C. J. Black.

Daylight Robbery C. J. Black.

Today I made a grievous error; I believed a lie was a truth

I floundered as in choppy waters without a life support –

How could anyone be so uncouth?

Those who pick on the elderly really have no qualms

They fleeced me of my life savings while illicitly collecting alms

Their claim was, it was for the poor in the undeveloped world

The truth, devastated me when it eventually did unfold

I was told to take some consolation from the fact it was not just me

But such words – yes they were just that, could not heal the pain you see

All my life I scrimped and saved for that rainy day

I hope those responsible for this dastardly deed when caught –

Are made to pay

I want to be there when they meet their judge whether in this life or the next

I should have come to terms with their thieving act by then –

And be a little less perplexed

Perhaps you are the culprit who is reading this

I hope you feel my pain and what I’ve said does not go amiss

I recognise you have no conscience – after this dastardly deed, I could tell

I’m not a vindictive person, but I hope you rot in hell.

C. J. Black

26th March 2013.





Who is your companion. C. J. Black.

My closest companion, his name is Quill

Sits upright in his inkwell that is until –

I remove him from his stand

Take him gently into my right hand

Dip him in the well of blue, and then engage –

To lay down my thoughts upon a crisp white page

He is always willing to do my will –

My closest companion, his name is Quill.

C. J. Black

24th March 2013.

The Thief. C. J. Black

It’s a devious mind that sits and scans

Watches as it plots and plans

The break in and follow through

The mental damage it can do

As it mauls and steals those precious things

Giving no thought to the terror it brings.

A thief is a thief no matter what

Never thankful for their lot

What causes them to enter another’s domain?

Where they will if necessary inflict pain,

It is always the innocent who suffer

No matter what they proffer.

The thief it appears possesses no fear

Showing two fingers to the law while they leer

They know when caught through the revolving door they’ll pass

Go again on a crime spree and prove the law an ass.

C.J. Black

A Touch of Blarney? C. J. Black

As you sit relaxed in your easy chair,

If you haven’t been to Co. Kerry allow me to take you there.

‘Tis a special place it must be said, where you’re welcome all year round

But to visit during summertime, really you are duty bound.

A visit to Killarney is something you must undertake,

Take a trip by jaunting car or visit lake by lake.

Then pay a visit to renowned Muckross House, exploring its vast grounds,

Taking in the splendour of the mountains which surround –

This place of immense beauty; valleys, lakes and waterfalls,

It is something you will cherish as you look back on and recall.

Oh and then there’s Dingle, another place that’s a must see

And maybe take a boat trip with that chance to kiss Fungi?

Or perhaps the Ring of Kerry there is something you will cherish

But if you chance this trip in wintertime – bring winter woollies or you may perish.

There is also this special place to rest, and have a drink or two

A spot of beauty it must be said, known as Ladies view

Where, If you linger long enough – and if you don’t ‘twill be your loss,

‘Cause as the signpost indicates, ‘tis where leprechauns tend to cross.

On that note I should conclude; I hope your appetite is whetted

Do make this trip before it’s too late, or for sure you will regret it.

Here’s a short P.S. before I sign off; sure I could have told you a lot more,

But why ruin the attraction which surrounds; take that holiday and explore.

C.J. Black

First published 2006 ANCHOR BOOKS

SB ISBN 1 84418 441 2

Definitely not a poison chalice C. J. Black.

My cup floweth over with compliments

Thank you, thank you, Ladies and Gents

To all visitors from far flung places

Arms are now outstretched – warm embraces

I am just a simple “scribbler” of words with not a lot to say

Unlike the Potter who gets great results from “mucking” around in clay

It’s such a pleasure to sit and watch an artist at their work

While I sit alone away from the world – I know I’m a proper jerk

But this is me it’s what I am, its way too late to change

If it was possible though, could I please be a cowboy out on the range

I guess we all fantasise about what we’d like to be

Go on leave a comment for everyone to see

Expose yourself to all in Blogville, we promise not to laugh

You can be very auspicious in your choice or of course you can be naff

Then again you may wish to keep it to yourself and not allow us in

The curiosity of it all will leave us in a spin

But we’re an understanding lot; I guess you know by now

We’ll accept a compromise anything to avoid a row.

So here is the compromise to get you off the hook

Compose a poem in eight lines (including the word fantasise) place it in the comment box

There you are – go at it and the best of luck.

Here is a sample of what is required –

Your starter for 10 –


Who does he think he is issuing this exercise?

That is to include the word fantasise

That’s an impossible task, be sure to let him know

If I wasn’t the civil person I am I’d tell him where to go

Or better still would be, to say nothing at all

Let him stew in his own in his own juices and on his own sword fall

That will make him think twice and not be such a smart ass

My answer in his comment box will have one word only – pass.

C. J. Black

22nd March 2013.