Life can be so cruel. C. J. Black.

Away we sauntered hand in hand

Across the marshy boggy land

Not a worry in the world had we

Blinded by love was I, beautiful was she

We talked small talk as lovers do

Pledging again, that to each other we’d be true

Committing to each other seemed a natural progression

Until out of nowhere came this expression

It came to me like a bolt out of the blue

Turned my world totally askew

This knockout blow that was delivered

Left me standing stock still, in warm sunshine – how I shivered

I’m dying she told me – got news this morning

It was relayed to me with little warning

I haven’t been well for quite a while

Travel with me this long last mile.

Having both been in relationships that faltered badly

We had both found comfort in each other –

Gave in to each other gladly

When I eventually gathered my thoughts together

I tried to speak, but no words could I utter

We held each other for what seemed like an age

Wondering aloud if together we could manage

And both be strong for one another

Shedding salty tears, I assured her that would be no bother

She said she felt comforted by that and began to softly cry

She then squeezed my hand gently and said I’m now ready to die.

C. J. Black

5th March 2013.


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