The Wild West. C. J. Black.

When I was but a little kid out the fields I loved to go

I’d play for hours and hours on end at being the Cisco Kid & Pancho

I’d jump up on my trusty steed

Ride through high grass at top speed

Going from town to town

Gunning all those villains down

Crawling along on hands and knees through thistles we would go

Never feeling any pain, myself and staunch friend Pancho

We’d venture forth from town to town doing our good deeds

Assisting all in want, caring for their needs.

When hunger got the best of me home I’d have to go

When I arrived back home my parents wished to know

What have you been up to just look at the state of you?

I’d tell them of my adventures they’d pretend them to be true

Then it would be off to bed and dream of tomorrow’s new adventure

Of the fields that we would roam and places we might venture.

When I look back now on those times of playing Cisco Kid and Pancho

I treasure the innocence of it all, those comic strips and oh –

The times we had out in the fields giving of our best

Where we tried in vain sometimes, to clean up the Wild West.

This present generation get off on DVDs and their Nintendo

They look at us elders in amazement of our tales of long ago.

But I retort, tell them that I’m glad and that I was surely blessed

To have had the chance with Cowboys all to live in the innocence off the Wild West.

C.J. Black