Dicing with death? C. J. Black

        Flash Fiction.

All characters & places associated with this piece are fictitious any resemblance in name or otherwise is purely accidental.

John Doe aged 34yrs. 6ft 4ins with a physique to die for married his long time pen pal Romany Shultz she of sultry looks and of Spanish/Mexican extraction while he was overseas between 1992 & 1997.

She headed up an IT company where he was employed as a programmer. When the occasion arose they both decided to return to Ireland to take charge of a sister company located in southern Ireland.

John Doe had always talked to Romany about his twin brother Bryan and that they had not seen eye to eye for a number of years.

Both John Doe and Romany would be classed as workaholics; they mixed in different circles to that of his brother.

After Romany, Johns best friend and constant walking companion was Toby a beautiful pure bred Alsatian, while Romany indulged her leisure time playing chess.

John Doe grew up within a few miles of where they settled on their return from overseas. There was a spell in his life from his late teens to early 20’s where he had medical attention not unlike a lot of young men and women who lived in rural parts, he suffered from bouts of depression while his twin was a party goer, king of the swingers if you like had a different date every night of the week.

John Doe received his moniker at an early age for always pretending to be someone else; it stuck with him right into his adult years.

Romany’s friend Rebecca had many men friends none of whom she saw on a regular basis. Her own marriage broke down a couple of years earlier when her then husband moved away and made a new life with his partner.

The IT business both were involved in was in financial trouble which meant that John Doe was soon out of work, as luck would have it a position became available at the local supermarket stacking shelves which JD applied for and started immediately.

It was while unloading the contents of her shopping trolley into the boot of her car, out of the corner of her eye this lady noticed a dishevelled bloodstained form huddled against the supermarket car-park wall

The shock made her drop her bag of groceries which contained eggs, jam, bottles of red and brown sauce, this formed a treacle like substance at her feet as she tried to move it was as though she was glued to the ground, with trembling hands and a distinct tremor in her voice she contacted the police and ambulance services on her mobile phone giving as full a detail as she could.

Shortly afterwards both services arrived at the scene. This person, a male was known to both crew members. After attempting to get some information from him of what caused him to be in this condition, without any satisfaction, the patient was taken to hospital.

The police visited his opulent detached home, on their arrival they found a kitchen window open which was the only visible sign of gaining access to the house, after a thorough search of the house nothing appeared out of place so they ventured out doors, it was there they found Toby who had been stabbed a number of times.

On exiting the grounds of the house it appeared the whole neighbourhood had gathered in little groups like bees around a honey pot, the police began to ask questions of those gathered to see if anything unusual had been noticed. It was at this point in the proceedings they were alerted to the fact that John Doe’s partner and friend, in the company of a male companion had been seen earlier out walking Toby in the nearby park.

They established the name of Romany’s friend but were unsuccessful establishing who the male companion was.

They decided then to pay a visit to the nearby house of Romany’s friend, on their arrival they found the front door of the house ajar, on entering, what they witnessed was not a pretty sight, the two victims they happened on had been gagged and bound with their hands tied with what remained of the dogs lead which appeared to have been cut to release Toby.

Romany’s friend it would appear had been sexually assaulted as well as been brutally beaten while Romany was lucky in one respect, if you can call one fatal stab wound lucky in causing her death.

C. J. Black.

I am putting this piece out there as an experiment, if there is an interested party out there in Blogville who may wish to take it as a work in progress perhaps we could work in tandem with one another.

Or failing that all suggestions as what path I should take in relation to the above would be appreciated.

P.S. I will not be offended in the least if the consensus is that the shredder is the best place for it.