I once was a child. C. J. Black.

The innocence of a question asked

The biggest problem should be a simple task

Why can’t we fly to the moon?

Why have we no helium to blow up a balloon?

To go and circle around the sun

Now wouldn’t that be so much fun

Why is the sun so far away?

Should we be protected from its ray?

Did daddy never go to school?

He did – well why do you always refer to him as a fool?

And little Johnnie down the road

How do you know he’s a fraud?

Children ask the funniest things

Like are those marks on your neck really bee stings.

How are you meant to explain?

Without inflicting any more pain

When they ask – why did you and daddy part?

Do you really suffer from a broken heart?

When I was a child these questions never came to mind

Were we more innocent then? Or just not inclined –

To question about this kind of thing

If we did alarm bells would ring

Did our parents put these issues to one side?

With the hope our innocence they could hide.

Children of today have little fear of change

They are well educated, well read able to rearrange

No matter what situation should arise

It’s a credit to them and the system there brought up in –

That their mind they are allowed exercise.

C.J. Black


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