Running low on words? C. J. Black.

I think the word well is running low

It’s down to a trickle, the delivery is slow

What will I do if the well runs dry?

Someone please tell me how am I to get by

I live to write and write to live

How will I cope if I have nothing left to give?

This is sending tremors through my mortal frame

It is for real and not a game

Really I am lost for words to write

It’s like continuous darkness not a flicker of light

The devil inside my head laughing – today there is nothing to be read.

See how well the writer will cope

Like a one sided tug-o-war team pulling on the rope

Who ever thought there would come a day

When the writer would have nothing to say

It really is a catastrophe

 As all around me I can see –

Are empty pages everywhere!

And I sitting looking at them with a blank stare

Hoping that this will not be the norm

As no doubt moods would change as well as the form

Dreams do sometimes turn into nightmares

I awoke with a start and went downstairs

Picked up my copybook and my pen

Guess what, I started to write again

You will never know the relief I felt

There were lot of words waiting to be spelt

But what would we writers do if the word well ran dry?

For me I know – I’d have no more poems to destroy.

Have you ever thought this way?

About how you’d react if you had nothing to say

Honestly it is a frightening thought

Enough to make you feel distraught

But with such a helpful network of friends

There will always be a topic to write about –

We don’t have to bow to so called trends.

C. J. Black

11th March 2013