“Spring” 2013 C. J. Black.

We are caught in the grip of a bleak mid winter

Although we are in the 12th day of March

Snow centimetres deep

Icy wind howling

Animals in the fields cowering for shelter

The song bird silenced

Those living alone in fear of their lives

A spouse waiting for the turn of the key in the door

Weather reports of black icy road conditions

The dog and cat curled up by the open fire

Probably thinking could the weather not always be so

But as always our health is our wealth

Even though the weather forecasters talk of no let up weatherwise

It’s good to be among your own

Spare a thought for all those hospitalised

Those at home confined to bed lying there staring aimlessly at snow falling

The prospects of a bright warm sunshiny day

When they can sit out and enjoy time away from a sick bed

Still some time away it would appear

Where ever we live we may be like THAT country

Broke and on our knees

But think – it is a short walk to turn that corner

That rainbow will be there – GUARENTEED.

C. J. Black

12th March 2013