Born out of a 4 liner. C. J. Black


I used 4 lines as a reply to a fellow publisher Eric Alagan, went back and looked at it and thought rightly or wrongly, expand and see where you end up, this is the end result.

It’s very easy as well you know

To scatter seeds that may unwittingly grow

To be something other than what was planned

It’s out of ones hands once words are canned

The written word once displayed

Will live on and on long after we have decayed

Live long and prosper as the saying goes

A certain few will I propose.

Good luck to those who hit the jackpot

Who aim high but don’t miss the spot

Those lucky enough to hit the bullseye

Give us mere mortals the encouragement to give it a try

Giving up the ghost is not the way I think

Get started on a subject there is always a link

Never be stuck for something to write about

You have the pen so you have the clout

A novel, an essay a poem or a song

Give it a shot you really can’t go wrong

You’ll find once you start it will fall into place

Find a quite place to work give yourself some head space

You may have to get up from it and walk away

This is really helpful you’ll return with a lot more to say

I started this not knowing where I was going

Planted a seed earlier now look at it growing

Can’t stop now as I’m on a roll

I could write something comical or more possibly droll

I could try writing on the election of the next Pope

You see nothing is sacred when you’re allowed scope

I could possibly write in rhythm and rhyme

But as I’m running out of page and I’m also nearly out of time

I’m continuing in this vain to prove to myself

That there’s life in the old dog I’m not yet for the top shelf

That everything I write, will not be virgin white

But something new – with no trace of blue.

C. J. Black

13th March 2013.



7 thoughts on “Born out of a 4 liner. C. J. Black

    1. Fabulous might just be a bit strong Fransi, but thanks anyway – lagging a bit behind in my reading – family matters to tend to, you appear to manage time very well considering your full itinerary, long may it be so.


  1. Very impressive Chris my friend
    Once wound up, you don’t end
    One-night stands, seldom planned
    That’s the thought of most men
    Ignore we, Maestro of the Big Band?
    In His instruments, we mere strands
    This a family friendly site, as is mine
    Let’s stop here, this side of nine
    Children about, not yet their bedtime

    (All of 55 words 😀

    As you contributed to my “Comments” – I can do no less for you.

    Peace, Eric


    1. And peace be with Eric my friend
      Keep this up and we’ll set a trend
      Very impressive might be a wee bit strong
      Sometimes long winded, sometimes a bit long
      But I guess once on a roll
      We carefully tend words with our trusty trowl
      As I have no trumpet to blow
      I’ll sign off now – and rosin my bow.


      1. To the study, let us retire for cigar, wine
        Suitably fortified we shall about the world, whine
        Great solutions flow when inebriated by wine
        Then again, we men are great at messing up till all whine
        Off to bed now, hopefully she allows what is mine
        Oops, children are still about, not yet their bedtime

        (There you go again, another 55!)


      2. He who casts the first stone kills the early bird.

        So that is why there is an over population in the worm world.

        Happens I have just opened a can of same and caused panic among aivery operaters.

        You can just hear them now twittering away among themselves as too how they feather their nests.

        Class of a 55?


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