Have I plagiarised? C. J. Black

Have I plagiarised?

Sometimes it is hard to fathom

Where ideas for poems come from

I sit and wonder when I write

Is there a similar poem on this site?

Or anywhere in the stratosphere

It at times fills me with dreaded fear

Wondering about plagiarism

But well fit for any criticism

If it turns out that I have sinned

You have my permission to have it pinned

On the wall of poetry for all to see

But with a chance to make my plea

It would be hard to prove for any author

That words borrowed were words sought for

To kick start a written piece

So as the mind can be at peace

You can be contented with the piece you’ve penned

Round it off in a proper manner by finishing it the words

                                  The End.

C. J. Black

14th March 2013.