The Grey Matter. C.J. Black.

A classic case of writers block

Caused me to sit down and take stock

Of what I’ve achieved since I started this blog

I tell you my mind was all agog

I was set up in October last year

Dipping my toe in, feeling the fear

Putting my scribbling out into the unknown

The result, actually to me it is mind blowing

Thinking at first I’d have nothing to say

Now I find myself attempting a post a day

The feedback is something hard to comprehend

A word of thanks to all who take the time to reply and send

We all need encouragement that I firmly believe

It urges you on to see what more you can achieve

People are so generous from all parts of the globe

It makes me want to write more, it allows me to probe –

And question myself on how far I can go

Or why some people say they’re inspired by what I put on show

Mine are just scribbling of no consequence

Sometimes I do believe what I write makes no sense

But it is gratifying after publishing a piece

To watch the numbers of followers increase

If this was not happening then this poem would not be penned

So from me to you once again a big thank you I send.

C. J. Black

15th March 2013.