Pressed for Words. C. J. Black

Writing has always been an important part of my life, throughout my working years it was necessary in latter years it became a pleasure to write, in no way is it a chore hopefully all my scribbling to others is not a bore.

I could never class myself as a writer per say, I have attempted to write flash fiction pieces I won’t say I failed miserably I’ll leave that for others more educated to comment on.

What I can say truthfully is the feeling of relief when a piece is finished is palpable, but like the taste of a good wine it will leave you wanting to write more and more, an addiction you might say.

I guess all those who write have a routine they stick with religiously, that way the brain is primed to go to work when the switch is flicked, in my case I find it much easier to write late at night, long hand – which I enjoy – Then take to the keyboard in the morning – which I am not wholly enamoured with – but it must be done.

As with all writers I guess the ambition is to have a book published, some are exceptionally lucky to have numerous publications to their name, I would be in no way jealous of their  achievements in fact I here by publicly congratulate them on their achievement.

It must be a wonderful feeling to know that you can make a living out of something that is a joy to wake up to each morning.

We are so lucky to be writing in the era of modern technology, I dread to think of what it must have been like way before even the time of the original type writer or the pen and pencil, now we curse and swear if the printer runs out of ink.

But different horses for different courses they knew no different then – in years to come the possibility is someone will devise an instrument where the writer will sit and dictate and the machine will do the typing or perhaps that is too far fetched?

But they did put a man on the moon didn’t they?

The person who invented the wheel never thought it would evolve to where we are now at.

But you can not stop progress which is a good thing I guess.

Writers of eloquence can weave a patchwork quilt of words and those who post here are no exception, I have learned so much thanks to those I follow and those who are gracious enough to follow my simple offerings.

I dare not even attempt to mention names but I urge you to check out my posts – not for my postings but to catch up on those who I dare not single out for fear of offending any of the subscribers.

As you have probably gathered if you have dropped by to sample my wares that I do not take easily to writing without breaking into rhyme but this had to be said and who knows where this might lead.

But I won’t be holding my breath so I urge you the reader not to hold yours or you could be quite purple in the face before anything like this appears again.

Back to the simple work of writing a few poetry lines, thank you again for following, it would not be the same fun if no one came knocking on the door to visit the orchard of poetry and other musings.

C. J. Black

19th March 2013.