A Touch of Blarney? C. J. Black

As you sit relaxed in your easy chair,

If you haven’t been to Co. Kerry allow me to take you there.

‘Tis a special place it must be said, where you’re welcome all year round

But to visit during summertime, really you are duty bound.

A visit to Killarney is something you must undertake,

Take a trip by jaunting car or visit lake by lake.

Then pay a visit to renowned Muckross House, exploring its vast grounds,

Taking in the splendour of the mountains which surround –

This place of immense beauty; valleys, lakes and waterfalls,

It is something you will cherish as you look back on and recall.

Oh and then there’s Dingle, another place that’s a must see

And maybe take a boat trip with that chance to kiss Fungi?

Or perhaps the Ring of Kerry there is something you will cherish

But if you chance this trip in wintertime – bring winter woollies or you may perish.

There is also this special place to rest, and have a drink or two

A spot of beauty it must be said, known as Ladies view

Where, If you linger long enough – and if you don’t ‘twill be your loss,

‘Cause as the signpost indicates, ‘tis where leprechauns tend to cross.

On that note I should conclude; I hope your appetite is whetted

Do make this trip before it’s too late, or for sure you will regret it.

Here’s a short P.S. before I sign off; sure I could have told you a lot more,

But why ruin the attraction which surrounds; take that holiday and explore.

C.J. Black

First published 2006 ANCHOR BOOKS

SB ISBN 1 84418 441 2


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