Definitely not a poison chalice C. J. Black.

My cup floweth over with compliments

Thank you, thank you, Ladies and Gents

To all visitors from far flung places

Arms are now outstretched – warm embraces

I am just a simple “scribbler” of words with not a lot to say

Unlike the Potter who gets great results from “mucking” around in clay

It’s such a pleasure to sit and watch an artist at their work

While I sit alone away from the world – I know I’m a proper jerk

But this is me it’s what I am, its way too late to change

If it was possible though, could I please be a cowboy out on the range

I guess we all fantasise about what we’d like to be

Go on leave a comment for everyone to see

Expose yourself to all in Blogville, we promise not to laugh

You can be very auspicious in your choice or of course you can be naff

Then again you may wish to keep it to yourself and not allow us in

The curiosity of it all will leave us in a spin

But we’re an understanding lot; I guess you know by now

We’ll accept a compromise anything to avoid a row.

So here is the compromise to get you off the hook

Compose a poem in eight lines (including the word fantasise) place it in the comment box

There you are – go at it and the best of luck.

Here is a sample of what is required –

Your starter for 10 –


Who does he think he is issuing this exercise?

That is to include the word fantasise

That’s an impossible task, be sure to let him know

If I wasn’t the civil person I am I’d tell him where to go

Or better still would be, to say nothing at all

Let him stew in his own in his own juices and on his own sword fall

That will make him think twice and not be such a smart ass

My answer in his comment box will have one word only – pass.

C. J. Black

22nd March 2013.




2 thoughts on “Definitely not a poison chalice C. J. Black.

  1. You fantasize that we’ll write poems for you
    Or shall we leave you standing in dust?
    It doesn’t matter either way, dear friend;
    you’ve already spoken to us.
    All we wanted were your words, syllables,
    so we can devour them divine,
    we wish politely to eat your thoughts
    row by row, and line by line.


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