The Thief. C. J. Black

It’s a devious mind that sits and scans

Watches as it plots and plans

The break in and follow through

The mental damage it can do

As it mauls and steals those precious things

Giving no thought to the terror it brings.

A thief is a thief no matter what

Never thankful for their lot

What causes them to enter another’s domain?

Where they will if necessary inflict pain,

It is always the innocent who suffer

No matter what they proffer.

The thief it appears possesses no fear

Showing two fingers to the law while they leer

They know when caught through the revolving door they’ll pass

Go again on a crime spree and prove the law an ass.

C.J. Black

One thought on “The Thief. C. J. Black

  1. I have been robbed. Thankfully I was not home. But it is still an awful feeling to know your home has been invaded. Very creepy.


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