Daylight Robbery C. J. Black.

Today I made a grievous error; I believed a lie was a truth

I floundered as in choppy waters without a life support –

How could anyone be so uncouth?

Those who pick on the elderly really have no qualms

They fleeced me of my life savings while illicitly collecting alms

Their claim was, it was for the poor in the undeveloped world

The truth, devastated me when it eventually did unfold

I was told to take some consolation from the fact it was not just me

But such words – yes they were just that, could not heal the pain you see

All my life I scrimped and saved for that rainy day

I hope those responsible for this dastardly deed when caught –

Are made to pay

I want to be there when they meet their judge whether in this life or the next

I should have come to terms with their thieving act by then –

And be a little less perplexed

Perhaps you are the culprit who is reading this

I hope you feel my pain and what I’ve said does not go amiss

I recognise you have no conscience – after this dastardly deed, I could tell

I’m not a vindictive person, but I hope you rot in hell.

C. J. Black

26th March 2013.





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