Six in the mix. C. J. Black.

My lap top failed me

I’m told it was a virus

My nerves are shattered.


Some things to me are taboo

Really I don’t know what to do

I can’t kick up a fuss

When I hear a cuss

Because I occasionally turn the air blue


Look more facial hair

It’s a full moon night tonight

I’m just eight years old.


There once was a man from Tibet

Who took his sick dog to the vet

The vet took one look

Said he sure does look shook

Put him down or he’ll have you in debt


I’m glad I found you said he to she

After all these years this has to be

Fate, I tell you works in mysterious ways

Let us get together without any delays.


Good goods come in small packages

I’ve been waiting here for ages

Signing on the dotted line

This little box is now all mine

He loves me he loves me not



C. J. Black

28th March 2013





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