What Is War? C. J. Black.

War is all about different sides who can’t agree

Whether it’s about politics or religion they’ll fight on land or sea,

The warlords do not give a damn about the blood they spill

They send their troops to infiltrate take no heed of who they kill,

It seems that they are only concerned about the glory and the power

It begs the question do they think about their fighter’s final hour,

They’ll order that mass graves be dug the innocent to bury

They’ll also continue to order death it’s doubtful if they worry,

Do they ever think about the trauma that they cause to friend and foe alike

As long as each missile fired hits the target with each strike,

Will there come a time across the land

When all who want peace take a stand,

And tell the leaders of each nation

It’s time for peace – call a cessation,

Let future generations not know war

Is there a sign of this happening – not so far?

C.J Black

First published – in 1999 by Poetry Today, ISBN 1 86226 533 X

Available from the British Library.