A Critique. C. J. Black.

I enjoy criticism when it’s constructive

Can be demoralising though when it’s destructive

But when it is addressed from an educated source

It can be most encouraging of course.

Never be afraid to ask for assistance

When you know someone who can tell at a glance

Whether what you are at is worth pursuing

But never give up at what you’re doing.

Keeping the mind active

Will result in something attractive

Being the end result

Whether entertaining or prone to insult

You never know when you begin to write

Whether it will be entertaining or totally trite

But continue on you surely must

Putting your thoughts in the God you trust

What ever form your God takes

It will countenance your mistakes

And encourage you from another source

A bolt of lightening from another light force

No two works will be the same

Never say to yourself I can’t fan this flame

That will, with thought bring words that blend;

When you reach the bottom of the page you have come to the end.

C.J. Black