Written in exasperation C. J. Black.

Want the real truth?

It was written in bed!!

Sometimes I stop and think

Where will I find the next link?

That will lead me from line to line

Four lines so far, guess I’m doing fine

Trying hard to be poetic

Is as difficult as being phonetic –

It will make perfect sense given time

You see I had to find a word to rhyme

Never feel it will defeat you

Don’t discard it, file it away and start anew

Words of wisdom if I may say so

Extolled by one while we dined out one evening alfresco

Writing is all about concentration

Of course there has to be inspiration

You won’t get far without expectation

Which in turn brings out perspiration?

If you don’t write something it will be an abomination

You can always return make an alteration

Me – I’m just making an observation

If you have come this far on the journey with me

I thank you for your patience and generosity

The encouragement I feel from each comment made

Pushes me on, makes me feel unafraid –

Of writing something such as this

Which long before I would have given a miss?

So this monster you have helped create

In no way thinks he is great

It might just happen these will be the last words penned

If they are someone else my mistakes may amend.

C. J. Black

04th April 2013.