Dipping a toe in the water of life C. J. Black.

Life is like a river always on the go

It keeps on a moving we must go with the flow

There are occasions I expect when we step out of time

But there is always someone somewhere to throw us a life line

Speaking for myself I’m glad such people exist

Because if they did not – look what I’d have missed

I’ve learned how to cross bridges without feeling any fear

I was taught to speak when spoken to – and how to lend an ear

Growing up in the school of hard knocks made a man of me

Gave me the assurance to be forthright and set my spirit free

Freedom is a blessing bestowed on a certain few

It could be interpreted better if we only knew –

That in abusing freedom the problems it can cause –

Stand back take a closer look – no benefits in breaking laws

It’s not where we are but where we are heading

If you are a problem maker perhaps you are dreading –

The thought of passing over and encountering your maker

So now is your chance to right your wrongs before you meet your undertaker

Sinister you think? May be, may be who knows

I’m addressing this to myself before this poem I close

I guess it’s never to late to give yourself a talking to

Convince yourself to kick-start a new day and to yourself be true

It’s true what they say there’s no fool like an old fool

Ok I’m convinced I’ll turn into a sad person and stick by the rule

On second thoughts – forget it give life a blast

Enjoy it – you don’t know how long it will last.

C. J. Black

5th April 2013.