Supercalafragilistic C. J. Black


I hardly ever use a big word when a diminutive one is sufficiently adequate

Tell me honestly have you noticed this of me of late

Trying to be succinct is a hard thing to do

Especially by writers – bet you know quite a few

You know the ones who go on and on with nothing positive to say

They are quite content to remain negative 24hrs a day

Well I suppose if it pays the bills

Allows them to pop a few more pills

They will imagine they’re on top of their game

If all goes belly up they’ll find someone else to blame

It is essential that we realise

That the reader is more than wise

And can see right through what you’re about

Because you’re a writer you think you have clout

Don’t kid yourself into thinking like that

Because you will, given time on your face fall flat

There’s not safety net to catch you when you fall

You’re a fool if you think every reader you enthral

Just in case this gives the impression I’m referring to you

Well you’d be wrong it’s to me it’s directed, but I guess this you already knew

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dissected this piece

But I can’t make it any shorter so it I must release

Make of it what you will – for this I make no excuse

Remember – a tongue is the only weapon that gets sharper with use!

C. J. Black     6th April 2013.