Monday Morning Motivation C. J. Black.


I must try and write something today

Even though I have nothing to say

Not what could be called an easy task?

Why is that, did I hear you ask?

Well you see since I wrote my last poem

I shut down in order to have time alone

I don’t know about you but this helps me focus

Some I know would say that’s a lot of hocus pocus

But I find it works for me after I have rested

I doubt it’s a scientific fact, but I’m willing to be tested

But for any scientist out there I have this one thing to say

I’ll not undergo any test that does not include the words we pay

Now I hear this rumble from the world outside –

You started out with nothing to say – was that just an aside

Something maybe to put us off the scent so to speak

We were hoping you were gone for a whole week

Well I’m sorry to disappoint, sadly this is not the case

I’m back ensconced behind my desk, glad to be back at base

So there you go that’s said and done

Another story nearly spun

Finished now, that’s it, the end.

C. J. Black

8th April 2013.