I know, it does not scan C. J. Black


I have a friend who is incredibly fickle

Who even with a feather would be hard pressed to tickle?

Changes like the weather her want and her like

But put her on the stage in front of a mic –

In a few seconds flat she’d have the place in a spin

How to explain it not even she knows where to begin

But then again we all have different ways of expressing how we behave

Some of us are introverts while others love to rave

It would be a sad world I guess if we were all of a similar mind

There’s no doubt but it would be a case of the blind leading the blind

Thankfully we all have a mind of our own

That the one flew over the cuckoos nest syndrome that bird has already flown

We are all born with a special gift

Sometimes unknown to ourselves we use it and give someone a lift

You will know when it happens that is for certain

You definitely will not have to wait for the final curtain

It may be a curt reply or simply a broad smile

Perhaps a thank you, but be quite assured they will not you beguile

I try to follow the ethic of it is nice to be nice

But realise that my philosophy with some will cut no ice

Attitudes of others may not always be acceptable

Then again I challenge myself as to what I can bring to the table

Two wrongs never made a right that is a proven fact

So I must sit myself down learn the real meaning of the word tact

Far from this I started out when I began this poem

Must think twice in future before allowing the mind to roam

It’s true indeed when they say the pen is mightier than sword

But the truth is not always found in the written word.

C. J. Black

9th April 2013






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