From a blank page to this! C. J. Black


Running out of things to say?

Let us try this game, we call it word play

Go on think of a word

It can be anything, clever or absurd

No hurry take your time

Toss them around choose one that will rhyme

What’s keeping you? It’s not that difficult

No, I’m not arguing with you or trying to insult

Just gentle prompting to help you along

Believe me; I wouldn’t try to put you wrong

No luck yet trying this on your own?

Try calling a friend on your mobile telephone

Great, you got an answer what did they say?

They told me for guidance I should kneel down and pray

Well go on then, down on your knees

I guarantee this will be a breeze

You have a word? Wonderful, share it with me please

What was this word again? Did you say trapeze?

Ok, so now we’re off to a flyer

You can now write a poem about a performer on a circus high wire

How with nerves of steel they step out into the unknown

Nothing will distract them they’re in a world of their own

The audience watch and marvel at artistic skill

Like you, when the act is finished there is a relieved shrill

They have negotiated the wire, you have written a poem

Running out of things to say? Never, once you allow your mind to roam

All of this goes to prove that it can be done

Never think of writing as a chore, treat it as a lot of fun

Planting words between the lines watch your poem grow

I’ll be waiting in anticipation to see your work on show.

C. J. Black

10th April 2013




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