A Poem of Appreciation C. J. Black.

I enjoy the challenge of sitting down each day

Constructing something from nothing akin to a writer of a play

Finding a theme on which to write can be an errand task

But when you finish if it’s a hit in the glory of it you can bask

Of course there is the other side of that blessed coin

If it fails it will feel like you got kicked in the groin

But up you get dust yourself off give it another try

When you read “success at last” you won’t know whether to laugh or cry

Either way the feeling will be of sheer relief

Success to this extent was way beyond your belief

Failure is a word I could never contemplate

You have to work hard at your profession; success will not be handed to you on a plate.

The line above was drilled into me many moons ago

I was also told – buck yourself up learn to be a pro

Learn to walk before you run never looking back

Keeping on the straight and narrow, you’ll proceed down the right track

I have tried hard to bring those words with me as I travel this winding road

In all honestly I must say it has not been a heavy load

A writer’s life can be a lonely one, if you want it to be

Personally I enjoy discussion where you can set your thinking free

Having a fellow writer in whom you can put your trust

Is for me at any rate an essential must

In that respect I am very lucky so I will say this publicly

It was a lucky day I encountered Poet and Writer *Kevin Connelly

Writers all probably have someone who gave them the initial shove

It’s never too late if you have not already done this – go on share the love

On that note I’ll finish, bringing this poem to an end

Chalking up another “scribble” and perhaps setting a trend?

C. J. Black

11th April 2013.

 *Kevin Connelly Poet/Writer can be visited @ connellykevin.WordPress.com


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