I guess we all have aspirations C. J. Black.

Some day I’d like to write something inspirational

Knowing I will never write anything sensational

Nor will I write a poem that is in any way breathtaking

I doubt either I could write a poem which would be viewed as groundbreaking

But continue I will, to write down whatever drips from the nib of my quill

It will never turn out to be a Van Gough but on paper it will appear as a still

Have you aspirations for the poetry you write?

Are you like me, I can’t wait for my efforts to take flight

It is in fact a great relief; I’m just speaking here about myself

When I can take my copy book and place it on the shelf

Greatly pleased with what I’ve done, another poem completed

I will never walk away from my desk feeling in any way depleted –

Positive thoughts are the way I approach a blank page

Most of the time I don’t have a subject on which I can engage

Just like this piece which is not, going so well so far

Started out earlier today, while driving in my car

I was trying to think of a topic when struck by inspiration

So I pulled in the car and parked it up at a local petrol station

With Dictaphone at the ready I started to dictate

Putting down the first six lines left my mind in a calmer state

Back at base later in the day to finish this poem was my main aim

If you have taken the time to read and this makes no sense to you –

My head is above the parapet; shoot me I’m fair game.

C. J. Black

12th April 2013.




7 thoughts on “I guess we all have aspirations C. J. Black.

      1. Yes, could be. There’s also a mindlessness about it, even though you are concentrating (hopefully) on what you’re doing.


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