6 In the mix (2) C. J. Black

Tuesday, 16 April 2013©β


Think outside the box

On how to write a Haiku

Not that easy eh?


I once had a bet on a horse

It lost which made things a lot worse

But the horse didn’t know

It was carrying my doe

It would if it had heard me curse.


Took my medication today

The doctor said I should be ok

This one little pill

Can cure or can kill

But I’ll still end up under the clay.


Vapour trails on high

Thoughts of airport departures

Why the nervous twitch?


Tried writing a limerick last night

But couldn’t get the damn thing right

Not an easy task

When there’s no one to ask

When I start writing they all seem to take flight.


Tap drip, drip, dripping

Reminds you of your war wounds

Chinese torture.


C.J. Black