Not Stoned. C. J. Black

The expression is well known

That sticks and stones will break your bones

But names will never hurt you.

Do you think that this really true?

For if you are a down and out

And people call you names

You can not help how you turned out, of your situation are you to blame?

The loneliness that you feel while sitting there with cup in hand waiting for that coin to drop

Thinking of that cup of soup or that can of cider

You wonder to yourself, because you have not washed for days

I hope that crawling down my back is just a little spider.

C.J. Black


2 thoughts on “Not Stoned. C. J. Black

  1. “That sticks and stones will break your bones/But names will never hurt you.”

    The Indians have a completely different take on this. Rough translation – “A sword wound heals, a word wound never heals”

    Oh, well, lets hope it is a spider.


  2. there but for the grace of God, sprang to mind.. We never know what’s around the next corner… and this poem underlines the fact… x
    (clicked from Eric’s site, thro’ the Lighthouse Poems… ’tis an explanation not an excuse… 😉 ) xx,


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