Thursday 18th April 2013.

Clancy, my Fictitious Friend.

By C.J. Black

Allow me to share this nugget with you – it might just well tickle your fancy

About this very good friend of mine – his name – Fictitious Clancy

Now Fic (as he was referred to) was the kind of guy who could at times be quite rude

Like the time he turned up for our four ball – in the nude

As we stood on the first tee there were shouts and loud cat calls

We were as a consequence of this disqualified for playing with six balls!!

There was also the time he dressed up in his birthday suit

And suggested we go clubbing He thought this would be a hoot

That was until the bouncer who was quite big and burly

Dispatched us both by grabbing Fic by his short ‘n’ curly

Then there was the time we holidayed in the Canaries

The locals did not know what to make of Fic thought he was away with the fairies

Fic with his spray on tan and skin tight swimming trunks

Got glances that you would not believe from Ladies and their Hunks

Was he anyway embarrassed? You’ve guessed right, he didn’t give a toss

As he laid spread out on his sun bed “singing” along to the music of the Boss

We went one night to a fancy dress ball – and the night he stole

For it was not a ball we went to but Ladies dancing with a pole

After several shots of Bourbon He said let us take a chance

So he approached this Asian Lady and asked her do you lap dance?

It occurred to me that Fic was gone – for what seemed to me to be a long while

But should I have worried – not at all for he returned with quite a broad smile.

Fic had some hairy notions – recognisable only when he smirks.

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