Friday April 19th 2013.

Clancy, my Fictitious friend.

C. J. Black©β

While out exercising his spindly dog called Twig

This question was posed to my friend Fictitious Clancy

How are you managing this doing nothing gig?

This question set Fic’s mind in a spin he had now to stop and think

But he came back with a retort as quick as an eye could blink.

This really is a popular gig; look at the numbers now involved

The numbers of this doing nothing gig will never be resolved

There are so many copping on to this easy life that I portray

Everyone wants a bite of the cherry as their golf swing they display

Up and down the country people are practising their skills

Taking long walks along the beach or making mountains out of molehills

As the numbers keep increasing it’s impossible to guess

The numbers involved in this doing nothing gig – Four Hundred and Fifty Thousand more or less.

Some are committed to opting out of our cosy club

While others are quite content to go from the bookies to the pub

But I quite enjoy quiet life – some might suggest that I’m lazy

But I find ways to occupy my-self, which sometimes quite amaze me!

Before I totally expose my-self, remember this is all pretend

Yours truly until the next time – Fictitious Clancy your fond friend!

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