Saturday 20th April 2013.

Clancy, my Fictitious friend.

C. J. Black©β

I was sitting having a quiet beer with our mutual friend Fictitious Clancy

When he came up with this bright idea that suddenly took his fancy

Eyeing all those spirit bottles hanging upside down

He said lets see how far along the line we get before we actually drown

Neither of us being what you might call a really seasoned drinker

I thought to my-self this episode could turn out to be a stinker

But with this bit between his teeth he had to have his way

So we started with the Gin bottle – it was not long before we began to sway

We were making our way slowly along the blended whiskey range

When I thought there must be a way out of this dilemma that doesn’t come across as strange

So I suggested that we take a break have ourselves a meal – he agreed and said that’s fine

We adjourned to a nearby restaurant – the first thing he ordered was the wine

I had mine with sparkling water on the side

When I suggested he should do the same he smirked and then replied

I’m glad that you had the sense to quit while we were ahead

Because after all this do you know what – I’m just fit for bed

You never know, when out with Fic which road we will take

But he’s such good company you will forgive each mistake he’ll make

So we finished our meal and bottle of wine and agreed to meet soon again

And we hope that whoever reads this piece will not our character stain

But if someone is offended by our antics – this message to them we send

All that you have read thus far is in fact pretend.